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About Drafttek's 2012 Big Board
The Big Board consists of College Seniors, as well as high ranking Juniors and eligible Sophomores who have declared for the 2012 NFL draft. In the past, Drafttek.com did not evaluate or rank players - our Big Board was developed from a blend of player lists from several reputable sources; such as NFLDraftScout.com, Pro Football Weekly and a few others. For 2012 Drafttek has grown to the point where player rankings are developed based upon in-house expertise, although the above referenced scouting sources continue to be used for reference. The player rankings are a driver in Drafttek's simulation output - the Consensus Mock Draft's produced by our staff. As well as the user produced models from the Online Simulator (ODS).

Player designations
Unlike many scouting websites on the net, Drafttek uses a more refined method to the classification of players with respect to their prospective roles on the NFL level. On the defensive side, line and edge players are identified according to their capacity to fit within 4-3 or 3-4 base defenses. Some players may have roles in both systems and are listed with dual classifications.

For 2012 we've introduced an ILB sub-designation:

ILB Sub-Groups
1) WILB- Weakside Inside Linebacker or "Mo".
2) SILB - Strongside Inside Linebacker or "Mike".

On the offense, the RB's, WR's and OT's have been subcategorized.

RB Sub-Groups
1) RBC - a "change of pace" RB. A smaller shiftier player not suited for a full load of carries
2) RBF - a "feature" RB. Any RB who is not an RBC will fall into this group
WR Sub-Groups:
1) WRS - smaller, speedy WRs will have narrowly defined NFL roles
2) WRP - tall WRs: TD targets & chain movers
3) WRF - a "feature" WR: Any WR who is not a WRS or WRP falls here
OT Sub-Groups:
1) LOT - The Left Offensive Tackle is an athletic linemen assigned the important task of protecting the QB's blind side
2) ROT - The Right Offensive Tackle is coveted predominantly for run blocking skills

"Chng" Column
Whenever Drafttek releases a new Big Board, some players invariably move up and others move down. The "Chng" (Change) column shows how each player's rank has changed since since the time of the previous Big Board release.

"P2Dif" Column
Many players in our database project to just 1 position on the professional level. However many can be considered for multiple jobs, depending on the team or offensive or defensive scheme. P1 is the position where a player is deemed by our evaluators to be the most valuable. P2 represents a second position of skill that a player is deemed pro material. The primary ranking for a player on the Big Board is based upon P1. "P2Dif" is where a player would hypothetically be ranked if evaluated solely on the merits of the P2 position.

Example: Assume that Dontari Poe, the prototypical Nose Tackle, is ranked #20 at the DT34 Nose spot. If Poe is looked at for a DT43 position, his rank would be evaluated much lower, say #45. The differential, or "P2Dif" would then be -25

Players marked with an asterisk (*) are underclassmen who appear to possess the skills to declare for early eligibility.

Contact Longball at Longball@Drafttek.com for questions and comments on the BB.

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