Scouting Report
Prospect:  Andrew Datko

School:           Florida State
Ht:  6'6"       Wt:  315
Eligibility:       Sr
Uniform:       #67

Position #1:       ROT
Position Rank:      14
Overall Rank:       184

Position #2:       LOT
Position Rank:      15
Overall Rank:       188

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Report Prepared: February 12, 2012

"If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!" Andrew Datko can sing that song, as he was talented enough to start for the Seminoles as a freshman but shoulder injuries requiring surgeries in his junior and senior years diminished his production. He gamely tried to play his senior season, basically with one arm, but had to give it up after only 4 games to go back under the knife.

Datko has some of the pass protection techniques down, as he exhibits excellent footwork with a smooth kick-slide and places his hands on defenders efficiently. However, he is high-cut and plays too tall, not bending his knees and staying on the balls of his feet; this results in his bending at the waist and lunging. The lack of strength in his hands is apparent, as defenders are able to break his grasp. He is obviously a student of the game, quickly anticipating and recognizing stunts and blitzes.

In run blocking, Datko is quick off the snap and initially has good pad level and leverage; however, he needs to further develop the strength in his lower body as he does not maintain the low level and begins to raise up on his blocks. He has excellent hand placement (inside the numbers), progresses well to the second level and is best on the move blocking secondary targets.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Marc Columbo

- Quick, nimble, light on his feet
- Athletic blocker on the move
- Good kick-slide and hand placement on pass protection
- Smart, experienced hard-worker

- Waist bender, does not bend knees and plays too high
- His hands are not NFL strong
- Multiple shoulder surgeries are a red flag

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