Scouting Report
Prospect:  Brandon Mosley

School:           Auburn
Ht:  6'5"       Wt:  314
Eligibility:       Sr
Uniform:       #75

Position #1:       LOT
Position Rank:      6
Overall Rank:       72

Position #2:       ROT
Position Rank:      8
Overall Rank:       96

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Report Prepared: February 14, 2012

If an NFL team is looking for a "late-bloomer" to develop, this former TE (who has also played DE, but more on that later), Brandon Mosley has the raw potential (that dreaded word) to blossom.

In pass blocking, Mosley exhibited a somewhat "cool" attitude, easing out his stance and allowing the defender to come to him. He plays with natural knee bend and lateral agility to remain square to his opponent and has a strong initial punch and long arms to control their advance. Techniques such as hand placement (sometimes too low against swim moves) and kick-slide need to be improved, but even with his limited experience, is a quick study in recognizing stunts and blitzes.

Mosley is an athletic run blocker, coming off the snap low and with good leg drive to gain the necessary push off the line against opposition. He also possesses the lateral movement to seal off defenders on the edge. Once again, hand placement is inconsistent and must get higher (on the numbers) as defenders can slip his blocks. Mosley gets to the second level easily and is surprisingly fluid in his movements and sound in the angle of his blocks. The former DE has enough of that "mean streak" to finish his blocks and pancake the opponent when he senses a loss of balance.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Sam Baker (Falcons)

- Raw athleticism, strong and fast
- Natural bender and able to drive block
- Smooth in his footwork and quick off the snap
- Finishes blocks with a nasty demeanor

- Needs to improve his hand placement
- Needs to improve his kick-slide
- Lack of experience . . . late bloomer

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