Scouting Report
Prospect:  Dontari Poe

School:           Memphis
Ht:  6'4"       Wt:  346
Eligibility:       Jr
Uniform:       #74

Position #1:       DT34
Position Rank:      1
Overall Rank:       25

Position #2:       DT43
Position Rank:      4
Overall Rank:       25

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Report Prepared: February 12, 2012

Dontari Poe measures in at six feet, five inches, weighing a robust 350 pounds . . . fellas, you just can't coach size! Those are the numbers NFL teams will be looking at, as Poe's production was just OK: 33 tackles, 8 for losses and 1 sack. However, he was facing constant double-teaming from Conference USA opposition (sounds like with every compliment, I add an insult), but the fact of the matter is he is an NFL talent playing on a Memphis team who, frankly, lacks NFL talent. But whether it is as a nose tackle in a 3-4 alignment or an imposing DT in a 4-3, teams will be interested in Dontari Poe's size and strength up front. Teams are often leery about selecting non-BCS conference players who don't overtly destroy their competition, which could cause Poe's stock to drop some. But he has a chance to make up for that with a strong combine showing.

Strengths: Did I tell you he's big? Good strength through his lower body, would be an over (2-gap) 4-3 DT and has the size to be a 3-4 nose. Explodes out of stance, especially early in games, and has a better motor than one would expect out of a 350 pound prospect. Unusual change of direction ability for his size, penetrates at will against single blockers. Diagnoses plays quickly and is a very good tackler . . . if he gets a piece of the ball-carrier, he is going down. Was elected Team Captain, so intangibles are there

Weaknesses: Not an ideal nose tackle despite his size, plays with pad level entirely too high and as a result, ends up on skates at times. Poe doesn't disengage quickly against double teams, and is not a dynamic pass-rusher at this point due to limited moves (needs to add to his rip and swim moves). I'm reminded of the definition of the word "potential" . . . means you ain't done it yet!

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Terrence Cody

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