Scouting Report
Prospect:  Juron Criner

School:           Arizona
Ht:  6'3"       Wt:  224
Eligibility:       Sr
Uniform:       #82

Position #1:       WRP
Position Rank:      3
Overall Rank:       41

Position #2:       WRF
Position Rank:      7
Overall Rank:       41

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Report Prepared: February 16, 2012

Juron Criner is one of the wild cards in the draft this year. He had a tumultuous Senior season, battling back from an appendectomy in Week 2 and only missing one game. It took him some time to get back to full speed, which did hurt his overall numbers, but he finished strong and showed very well down the final stretch.

Criner is a big, powerful receiver who runs strong routes, finds holes in coverage and moves the chains. Though not overly fast, he does accelerate very well for a man his size, which means he plays faster in pads than he will time on the track. He is a jump ball threat as he uses his big body to box out defenders and attack the ball at it's highest point. He's also bailed out his QB many times over the past few years, making spectacular catches on poorly thrown balls.

Criner has the talent of an early Day 2 pick, however he has had medical questions that will need to be answered in order for him to be taken before Day 3 of the draft in April. If the medicals don't check out, he could drop into the later rounds.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Marques Colston

- Has a big, long body but is remarkably coordinated for a man his size
- Runs good routes, moves well in and out of his cuts
- Very good hands, rarely drops passes and has made some phenomenal catches in his college career
- Always battles hard whether fighting through injury or blocking down field, good football attitude

- Lacks top end speed but plays faster than his expected forty time of 4.6
- Despite his size, struggles to break press coverage regularly
- Will not make many people miss with his moves, but can run defenders over
- Medical questions abound that could really hurt his stock

Prepared by: Brett Stott,

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