Scouting Report
Prospect:  Kendall Wright

School:           Baylor
Ht:  5'10"       Wt:  196
Eligibility:       Sr
Uniform:       #1

Position #1:       WRS
Position Rank:      1
Overall Rank:       34

Position #2:       WRF
Position Rank:      4
Overall Rank:       34

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Report Prepared: February 16, 2012

Kendall Wright may have played second fiddle to RG3 in Baylor this year, but he was a big part of the Bears resurgence and Mr. Griffin's Heisman year.

The first thing that jumps out on film is the impressive body control Wright exhibits on a regular basis. Whether he's making tough plays in traffic or simply adjusting on the fly to an inaccurately thrown ball, he seems to do everything at full speed. He's extremely fast, has good acceleration and, if he sees daylight, he's gone. He's moves laterally very well and has a natural ability to make people miss. Basically, he's a YAC machine.

Though he was rarely challenged by press coverage in college, there were times where defenders were able to get their hands on him and knock him off his route. Likely due to going full speed, Wright can get sloppy with his cuts. If he can find the happy medium where his cuts are sharp but he's still moving with good speed, he could be lethal for opposing defenses.

Wright really came on as his Senior year progressed and now looks like a late-first/early second round pick. With a stellar combine, which he's certainly capable of, he could leapfrog Michael Floyd and move into the top 15.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Victor Cruz

- Top speed, one of the fastest players in the game every time he hits the field
- Good hands, locates the ball well in the air and attacks it, makes the tough grabs in traffic
- Has a lot of wiggle to him, can get the ball in space and make would-be tacklers miss
- Versatile, able to work out of the slot and find the soft spot in zone coverage, but very effective when lining up outside as well

- Struggles at times with press coverage off the line, physical corners can re-route him
- Route running has room for improvement, lacks sharpness on his cuts
- Not a real red zone threat given his size

Prepared by: Brett Stott,

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