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Prospect:  Matt Kalil

School:           USC
Ht:  6'6"       Wt:  295
Eligibility:       Jr
Uniform:       #75

Position #1:       LOT
Position Rank:      1
Overall Rank:       2

Position #2:      
Position Rank:      
Overall Rank:      

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Report Prepared: February 18, 2012

The 4th year junior declared for the NFL Draft with eligibility remaining and it appears to be the right decision. Some may question the comparison to Thomas, but the Wisconsin ex was also a bit of a finesse blocker in the running game back in 2007 and has displayed the impact of NFL weight training and OL coaching . . . Kalil will do the same!

Kalil is smooth in pass protection out of his stance, demonstrating patience in allowing the defender to come to him. His reach and arm length are such that once Kalil gets his hands on his opponent, he has the power and agility to mirror every movement. If you wanted to illustrate the impact of appropriate OL posture, a picture of his technique with knees bent, shoulders square and on the balls of his feet should be required viewing. Excellent recognition and anticipation in pass protection, as he picks up stunts and blitzes.

In run blocking, Kalil is quick off the snap, maintains good pad level and leverage, and utilizes the strength in both his upper and lower body to drive his opponent off the line. He has excellent hand placement (inside the numbers), progresses well to the second level and shows acceptable (not great) mobility in blocking secondary targets. Kalil occasionally exhibits some of that "mean streak" I love, taking advantage of off-balance defenders with a "pancake block".

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Joe Thomas

- Textbook balance and technique
- Good athlete at OT position
- Smart player, understands blocking assignments
- Has functional strength and flashes "nastiness"
- Very quick off snap and positions body well

- Not a pure mauler in run game
- Lateral kick could be improved for NFL speed rushers
- Could benefit from NFL weight training, has frame to add 15-20 lbs

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