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Prospect:  Mohamed Sanu

School:           Rutgers
Ht:  6'2"       Wt:  218
Eligibility:       Jr
Uniform:       #6

Position #1:       WRF
Position Rank:      11
Overall Rank:       53

Position #2:      
Position Rank:      
Overall Rank:      

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Report Prepared: February 12, 2012

Mohamed Sanu is a physical specimen at 6 foot 2 and 218 pounds. He looks the part of a NFL wide receiver on the field. He is an intelligent player, especially good at finding holes in zone defenses. He actually set the Big East record for most receptions in a game against the Ohio Bobcats, who only played zone against him, and found openings in many cases due to his mental acuity. Sanu does the little things right: he has good hands, he can break tackles, and he will grasp the nuances of the game quicker than most.

The biggest issue with Sanu is that he isn't the most special player. He does not have elite speed, size, separation skills or aerial ability. When a 6 foot 2 guy has trouble getting off press that is a bit of a warning sign, and Sanu does not look completely comfortable in such a situation. He has athleticism, but it remains to be seen if he will be able to flow smoothly to the pros, or if he is merely a great college receiver who could be miscast in the NFL.

Sanu is one of the top wide receiver prospects in the draft, and for good reason. He may be the most intelligent and pro ready pass-catching option. Questions about his athleticism aside, a versatile, heady player such as Sanu should be able to find a niche at the next level. Sanu will probably be a late first-early second round pick, and should transition smoothly into the NFL.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Mike Williams (Buccaneers)

- Great at finding holes in zones
- Good route runner
- Versatile athlete
- Special teams versatility
- Able to break tackles
- Good hands

- Not elite speed
- Some trouble with physicality off the line of scrimmage
- Might be a "tweener" in NFL: questions about separation and aerial ability

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