Scouting Report
Prospect:  Riley Reiff

School:           Iowa
Ht:  6'6"       Wt:  313
Eligibility:       Jr
Uniform:       #77

Position #1:       ROT
Position Rank:      1
Overall Rank:       8

Position #2:       LOT
Position Rank:      2
Overall Rank:       8

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Report Prepared: February 18, 2012

Normally Big Ten OL prospects do not declare for the NFL Draft early; however, Riley turned 23 on December 1, 2011 which may have influenced him to reverse his earlier decision. Reiff is an athlete . . . faster and stronger than Matt Kalil, but needs to work on his technique (footwork, base, hand placement) to excel at the next level. He is adaptable, having played LT, LG and RT during his career at Iowa.

In pass blocking, Reiff rarely lost the edge battle to college DE's due to his lateral agility and length . . . and heaven forbid if they try to bull rush, as he locks up immediately. He exhibits natural knee bend and reach to send edge rushers around the pocket and/or the strength to just knock them to the ground, and is quick enough on recovery to cut off the inside rush lane. Riley shows excellent technique at cut blocking, attacking the thighs of defenders (unusual for a 6'6" lineman). He needs to work on maintaining upright posture, relying on his length and feet instead of bending at the waist. Stronger ends can get into his pads and drive him back due to his late and inconsistent hand placement. If Riley would set a wider base, he would be able to anchor more effectively against the power rushes he can expect in the NFL.

Reiff is an athletic run blocker who gets off the snap low (outstandingly so for his height) and with quickness, making him desirable for a power running game (essential in short yardage). He also possesses the lateral movement to effectively wall off opponents on the edge, and speed to get to the second level easily and at the appropriate angle to prevent defenders from reaching the play (evident on combo blocks from lineman to linebacker). Reiff is another tackle with a "mean streak", punctuating the end of his strong blocks by extending his long arms through the defender for emphasis.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): D'Brickashaw Ferguson (with the speed of Trent Williams)

- Extremely athletic, strong and fast
- Natural bender and able to drive block
- Has OL versatility (LT, LG & RT) if necessary
- Finishes blocks with a nasty demeanor

- Not exceptionally quick off the snap
- Needs to improve pass blocking techniques
- Defenders can get into his body

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