10/12 - 2016 Big Board

A changing of the ranking order at quarterback. Cal's Jared Goff takes over the top QB spot on our 2016 Big Board, while Connor Cook and Cardale Jones slip.

Rnk Player School Psn Change
1 Joey Bosa Ohio State DE43 --
2 Robert Nkemdiche Ole Miss DE34 + 11
3 Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame LOT --
4 Jared Goff California QB + 20
5 Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss LOT --
6 Jalen Ramsey Florida State FS   -2
7 DeForest Buckner Oregon DE34 + 14
8 Vernon Hargreaves III Florida CB   -2
9 Laquon Treadwell Ole Miss WRF + 2
10 Jaylon Smith Notre Dame ILB   -1
11 A'Shawn Robinson Alabama DT43   -3
12 Shawn Oakman Baylor DE43   -5
13 Connor Cook Michigan St QB   -1
14 Tyler Boyd Pittsburgh WRF --
15 Taylor Decker Ohio St LOT + 3
16 Emmanuel Ogbah Oklahoma St DE43   -6
17 Su'a Cravens USC SS + 3
18 Leonard Floyd Georgia OLB34   -3
19 Kendall Fuller Virginia Tech CB   -3
20 Darron Lee Ohio St OLB43 + 3

Full List: 2016 Big Board - Top 300

10/2 - 2016 Mock Draft #4

The 2016 season is more marked by surprisingly bad starts (Dolphins, Ravens, Saints, Eagles, Lions) than unanticipatedly good ones (Raiders, Falcons). There is still time to right the ship for the former class. If they don't, fans can check our 2016 NFL mock draft to see who those teams may target.

Laremy Tunsil

Ronnie Stanley

Leonard Floyd
Pick Team Player Psn
1 Chicago Joey Bosa DE43
2 New Orleans Ronnie Stanley LOT
3 Jacksonville Laremy Tunsil LOT
4 Tampa Bay Shawn Oakman DE43
5 San Francisco Jalen Ramsey CB
6 Cleveland Vernon Hargreaves III CB
7 Washington Laquon Treadwell WRF
8 Detroit Emmanuel Ogbah DE43
9 NY Giants A'Shawn Robinson DT43
10 Tennessee Leonard Floyd OLB34
11 Miami Kendall Fuller CB
12 Baltimore Tyler Boyd WRF
13 Houston Jared Goff QB
14 St Louis Mike Williams WRF
15 Oakland Robert Nkemdiche DT43

2016 Consensus Mock Draft

10/7 - 2015 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

Drafttek's 2015 NFL Power Mock blends the opinions of a dozen of our team analysts to arrive at a consensus.

Rank Top-8 PrvWk Change SsnHi SsnLo
1 New England 1 -- 1 2
2 Green Bay 2 -- 2 3
3 Cincinnati 4 + 1 3 10
4 Denver 5 + 1 4 7
5 Atlanta 6 + 1 5 19
6 Arizona 3   -3 3 11
7 Carolina 8 + 1 7 16
8 Seattle 7   -1 1 8

Rank Bottom 8 PrvWk Change SsnHi SsnLo
25 New Orleans 31 + 6 21 31
26 Jacksonville 30 + 4 26 30
27 Detroit 25   -2 12 27
28 Miami 22   -6 17 28
29 Cleveland 27   -2 24 31
30 Chicago 32 + 2 26 32
31 San Francisco 28   -3 20 31
32 Tampa Bay 29   -3 29 32

Full List:

Drafttek NFL Power Rankings


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UPDATED! 3 Year Draft Table - Draft Success Rate by team!
(Sept 8 2015) Our Draft Table is regularly updated to identify the percentage of players drafted from 2012 to 2014 who are still with the team. The New York Giants on top with an 95.2% draft success rate!   Cleveland at the bottom - only 54.6% of players drafted still employed by the Browns.

(Jan 25) 2015 Shrine Game/Senior Bowl Report Database!
Tired of searching the web for prospect reports on the All-Star game practices?? Our Big Board team has assembled a sizable database.

UPDATED! 2012-2014 Drafted Players by College
(November 10) Type in your alma mater to find out how many players they've sent to the NFL in the past 3 drafts. Scroll down to find out who and where.

UPDATED! 6 Year Condensed Draft Tables
(Oct 27 2014) This handy draft resource lists all 768 draft picks for NFL draft from 2012 to 2014. Very concise. Not to be outdone, you will find a link listing all NFL draft picks on a second page for the years 2009-2011.

Interactive Trade Value Chart
(Feb 1) This is something you need to bookmark! Drafttek's New, Improved, Trade Value Chart was borne out of frustration with existing tables. It's still a draft value table, but our team highlighter feature makes it a breeze for Draftniks to hammer out trade ideas!

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College Football Stats - Concise source for NCAA Football team and individual stats

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Ourlads Depth Charts - Ourlads updates NFL depth charts and team rosters daily.

NCAA Football Injury Report - Handicapper Don Best provides comprehensive list of injury status for all Division I teams. On one page! Great for NCAA Fantasy FF enthusiasts.

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