2017 NFL Draft
Scouting Report
Prospect:  Cam Robinson


School:           Alabama
Ht:  6'-5"       Wt:  326
Eligibility:      JR
Uniform:       #74
Position #1:       OT

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Talent-wise, Robinson is the top tackle eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft heading into his junior year. Having said that, there are some red flags on the field, and otherwise, that will worry some scouts. Let's start with the most recent and obvious elephant in the room. On May 17, Robinson was arrested for possession of illegal narcotics and a stolen firearm in his hometown of Monroe, LA. The combination of the two resulted in a felony charge. Robinson will most certainly face a suspension, as well as having his hands full trying to prove that he isn't the 2017 version of Laremy Tunsil.

On the field, he has a shocking combination of size and athleticism. He displays enough footwork to play left tackle as a professional, but his power is what stands out the most. He is still trying to refine his game as a pass protector and run blocker, but at times, you see he has a high ceiling for potential. He uses good feet and a strong punch to stun pass-rushers. He also works to drive the defender out of the play. When he does struggle, it is because he lunges. He needs to learn to bend at the knees and stay on balance, as opposed to bending at the waist. When your nose is over your toes, you are on balance and in the proper position. This requires more disciplined footwork and technique.

As a run blocker, he is best firing off the line and driving the player across from him. He gets a good push and works to finish players on their back when he gets locked onto them. Where he struggles is in the open or on the move. Once again, he lunges too often and ends up missing or barely making contact. When he has success at the second level, it's because he chips and immediately gets into good position to wall off a linebacker. At that point, the defender is forced to go through him which just doesn't happen. As I said, he does have the athleticism to improve in the open field, but he has to learn to play over his toes and on-balance. I would also like to see him do a better job of getting across the face of defenders when he is on the backside trying to cut them off. Too many times he tries to cut them and very seldom does it work. Proper footwork will help in this area as well.

For his sake, I hope his suspension isn't too long because he needs this year to improve his stock. His awareness is average at best, and the only way to improve in that area is to be on the field. Similar to former Alabama tackle, Cyrus Kouandijo he has everything he physically needs to be a premier left tackle at the next level, but he needs to hone his craft. Right now, I think he would fit best as a right tackle in a power-blocking scheme. Still, if he can improve in the aforementioned areas, he could be a top-10 pick. It may be in his best interest to drop 10-15 lbs. That could make him more comfortable on his feet which, in return, could help him play more on-balance.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Phil Loadholt (Vikings) or Jeff Otah (Former Panther)

- Terrific size and power
- Surprising athleticism for his size
- Play his best against big competition (See tape against Myles Garrett, he won more than he lost)
- Loves to finish

- Character has become a concern
- Sloppy technique and footwork at times, too off-balanced
- Awareness is not great for a two-year starter

Austin Smith
July 12, 2016

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