2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report
Prospect:  DeMarcus Walker


School:          Florida State
Ht:  6'4"       Wt:  280
Eligibility:      SR
Uniform:       #44
Position:      DE

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Walker will be a player that every defensive coordinator covets in this draft. He is versatile, plays with a high motor, and his effort is unconditional. He is a selfless player that has lined up wherever he has been asked and sets an example for how everyone on the roster should conduct themselves. He isn't going to be the flashiest pass rusher in this class or a standout at the combine, but he will go in the first few rounds of this draft because of his intangibles. He single-handedly dominated Ole Miss in the fourth quarter of the season opener, while playing hard non-stop until he was taken out on the final drive in a game where Florida State was never close against Louisville. Those kind of players are rare, and coaches will want him in their uniform.

Walker has tremendous size for a defensive end, with long arms and a sturdy build from top to bottom. Because of this, he has also lined up as a 5-techinique when Florida State plays with a three-man front, and as a 3-technique and even a nose on passing downs. He is also a solid athlete which has made him a capable player when asked to line up with his hand off the ground on the edge. This kind of versatility is admirable, and he has had success in each of these roles. Still, I would value him most as a strong-side end in a 4-3 system, that could also occasionally kick inside on passing downs.

Whether playing against the pass or run, I love the way he gets the most out of his skill-set. He makes use of his long arms by deploying a jarring punch on blockers. This usually stops their momentum and keeps them from getting ideal hand placement on him. His strong lower half allows him to hold his ground, and when the ball is near, he uses terrific handwork to disengage and make a play on the ball. He also does a good job of setting the edge where once again, he disengages and takes the proper angle to the sideline to force the running back to a minimal gain. His athleticism is usually good enough to get to the back in those situations but even when it's not, he makes it impossible for the runner to cut back. Because of skills like these, he is one of the more active defensive linemen in the country against the run.

As a pass rusher, he is advanced in his repertoire of moves. He uses his hand and footwork extremely well and often wins because of this. Blockers struggle to get their hands on him before he is inside their reach. Once there, he is too powerful to slow down. He usually plays with good leverage, and that is exceptionally true once he gets inside the reach of a blocker. He can drive them back into the pocket or push through one hip or the other, and once he is in position to finish, he shows plenty of tenacity. When attempting to capture the edge, he shows a quick first step and adequate bend when turning the corner. He may not be Myles Garrett, Tim Williams, or Charles Harris in that aspect but he has the ability to win there because tackles have to be prepared for anything against him. On the interior, he wins much more with his quickness and ability to change direction. He doesn't have a ton of experience on twists or stunts, but he displays the skills to excel in this area in the future. He also shows outstanding awareness and is one of the best in the country at getting his hands up when the ball is being delivered.

Overall, his effort and technique are what make him special. He chases the ball downfield, and rarely comes out for a break. I have heard some question his effort, but when you never come off the field at 280 pounds, there are going to be snaps where fatigue sets in. If he were rotated like some of the other Seminole defensive linemen, he would never be questioned in this area. He is a captain and a model citizen. Coaches often preach accountability, and he is a player that holds himself accountable on every snap. It is easy for the big-name players to show up when the game is on the line. It is not nearly as easy to show up in a game like the Louisville one where it was over before halftime. In that game, I knew I was a fan of Walker. As mentioned earlier, he did not come off the field until the last defensive drive. He never stopped hustling. He never turned to talk trash to the opponent or argue with the referees. He was a shining example of professionalism in an amateur event full of young adults in the age range of 19-23. Quite simply, he is a winner and a professional. I have a hard time believing a single team won't have him on their draft board, and that usually means someone will reach to ensure they get him. That could mean a first round selection, even if his talent may fit better in the second.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Datone Jones (Green Bay Packers)

- Character, effort, and leadership are elite
- Terrific size and length
- Outstanding technique with both hand and footwork
- Strong player that is NFL-ready
- Versatile enough to line up anywhere on the defensive front

- Not an all-world athlete
- Doesn't show enough bend to consistently beat tackles around the corner

Austin Smith
December 31, 2016

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