2017 NFL Draft
Scouting Report
Prospect:  Jarrad Davis


School:          Florida
Ht:  6'-2"       Wt:  230
Eligibility:      SR
Uniform:       #40
Position:      ILB

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The 2015 season was a breakout year for Davis. After seeing action in his first two years, he took a giant step forward as a junior, showing the play-making ability of a future first-round pick. He chose to return as a senior, where he will have a chance to solidify that ranking and possibly put himself in the top-10 category.

What immediately catches my attention is Davis' explosion. He flies around the field and punishes those who get in his way. He has very good instincts and often reacts a half-step quicker than those around him. When he makes his read, he springs into action and explodes into the gap. He is not afraid to lower his shoulder on a lead blocker or meet the ball carrier in the hole at full speed. At first glance, you wouldn't expect this because he has a taller, slightly slender frame but he is as good at converting speed to power as any linebacker in the country.

In the passing game, he offers plenty. He has the athleticism to be very good in pass coverage, but he needs to work on his technique. He can run with tight ends and running backs, but changing direction and minimizing separation is another story. That takes proper footwork and a knowledge of the routes. As a quarterback spy, you couldn't ask for a better package. His ability to read what's in front of him and react quickly is perfect for the job. He also gets to full-speed very quick. As I mentioned earlier, he converts speed to power extremely well which makes him a very good option to send on the blitz as well.

There isn't a ton of weakness to his game. If anything, I would say that I wouldn't want him playing on the strong side. While he does fill gaps well, he doesn't always use good discipline. When you are on the strong side, and you know your help is on the inside, it is important to maintain your gap-discipline. You must get your head on the outside of the blocker. This forces the runner to cut inside where your help is. He also needs to keep his emotions in check. He occasionally lets them get the best of him. In last year's SEC Championship Game, his late hit on the quarterback was the turning point for Alabama.

The biggest question in my mind is whether you play him at Will or Mike? The ability to consistently run free at Will would suit him perfectly, but there will be plays that he isn't a factor in. At Mike, he will always have the opportunity to be a factor in the play. Either way, he is a playmaker and a three-down linebacker, both of which are rare at linebacker.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Derrick Johnson (Kansas City Chiefs)

- Elite athleticism for the position
- Great instincts
- Goes from 0 to 60 in a hurry
- Violent striker
- Three-down player with versatility on third down

- Needs more discipline taking on blocks
- Must keep emotions in check

Austin Smith
August 1, 2016

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