2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report
Prospect:  Jourdan Lewis


School:          Michigan
Ht:  5'11"       Wt:  186
Eligibility:      SR
Uniform:       #26
Position:      CB

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Lewis may not win all the accolades like his teammate Jabrill Peppers, but for those who watch closely, he is just as effective. Perhaps no corner in the country has the ability to mirror receivers the way Lewis can. He may not have Peppers versatility, but when it comes to lining up across from his opponent and shutting him down, he gets the job done. In a draft full of corners with a variety of skill sets, Lewis belongs near the top, and unlike most, he will have the ability to prove that at the Senior Bowl should he decide to compete.

Lewis may have the quickest and most disciplined footwork of anyone in this class. He changes directions and explodes out of his breaks. Because of this, he may be the best player in the country playing inside against the slot. There, corners don't have to worry about many double-moves which allows them to be aggressive when a receiver makes their initial break. When Lewis is allowed to be that aggressive, he is as tough to get away from as anyone. He also appears to have very good long speed. Teams don't always test him deep, but there are instances when he proves just how fast he is. He shows good route-recognition and times his approach well. He positions himself depending on his break. Usually, he only attempts to defense the pass, but when he is in position to make the interception, he displays good ball skills.

His size, on the other hand, is a bit of an issue. He is not a big player by any means, and that sometimes negates his athleticism. When playing receiver, balance is extremely key to getting to full speed. If you aren't on balance, then it doesn't allow you to get to that top gear. When corners can get into the body of a receiver, whether initially at the line or while running down the field, it helps them keep the receiver from getting to full speed. This is how bigger receivers can be just as effective beating corners deep. If a corner isn't strong enough to get the receiver off balance, then the receiver has the advantage. That is where Lewis needs to get stronger. He is never going to be a big player, but he has to be able to effectively punch a receiver off the line or get into their space to keep them from getting position on him and using their size. If he can do that, he will be as effective on the outside as he is in the slot.

His size is also an issue against the run. Like most corners, he only gets involved when he has to. He gets low and attempts to wrangle their legs and holds on for dear life when he gets ahold of them. He is occasionally hesitant when having to come off the edge and take on a lead blocker or pulling lineman. He is also not the most willing to fill a gap when playing on a non-receiver side against the run. I don't see this changing much, but he will do it when he knows it's his job. Because of that, the added strength could help him survive in situations like those.

Overall, there may be better corners suited to be lock-down defenders because they are bigger but Lewis is one of the safest picks among that group. He could be a day-one starter or a nickel corner that only plays in the slot. When it comes to playing that slot position, I believe he could be an immediate contributor on most teams and not many corners can say that in this class. Lewis is also a mature kid, and while he does occasionally get caught jawing with receivers, he doesn't appear to be the one initiating it. He is a hard worker and competitor, and with solid showings at the pre-draft events, he should have a chance to be a first-round pick.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Brent Grimes (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

- Outstanding footwork
- Explodes out of breaks
- Recognizes routes quickly and consistently
- Terrific ball skills
- Can play in the slot

- Not ideal size for the position
- Needs to add bulk to frame
- Could be more effective using the press

Austin Smith
December 19, 2016

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