2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report
Prospect:  Marlon Humphrey


School:          Alabama
Ht:  6'1"       Wt:  196
Eligibility:      RSo
Uniform:       #26
Position:      CB

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It is a top-heavy group of corners this year, and Humphrey is competing to be the first taken. He has been an extremely active corner in his two years starting at Alabama. He has very good size, length, and athleticism for the position. While it is important to remember that he has played in a defense that has been packed with future-NFL talent, scouts must also look at the little things involved with Humphrey's game. That is where they see a player that can be special at the next level.

Humphrey has good enough feet and athleticism to play man-to-man but where he is special is in zone coverage. His ability to see a route in front of him, and immediately understand the route combination going on is elite. That shows not only great football instincts but also a player that puts in the time in the film room. He reads the route of the man across from him and automatically reacts to what he knows is his responsibility. So many times, you see the man across from him run a short route, and Humphrey knows there is a receiver on a deep route behind him that will come open if he bites or even hesitates. Against Clemson in the national championship his redshirt-sophomore year, DeShaun Watson was thrown off a number of times because he wanted to go to the deep route on Humphrey's half of the field but he never bit on the short route. What made matters worse was Humphrey would read Watson's hesitation after he took away that throw and then he would turn his shoulders and prepare himself to break on the shorter route once it was thrown. At least a handful of times this happened and Watson was forced to tuck the ball and improvise. That is something that coaches preach, but it rarely gets executed properly.

Humphrey also has success in press-man coverage. He has long arms and active feet that help him jam the receiver and get into prime-coverage position in the receiver's pocket. Those long arms come in handy when making a play on the ball as well. He times his jumps accurately and usually gets at least a hand on the ball when he is in good position. The combination of both his ability in zone and press-man make him an ideal fit for a team that runs a lot of cover two. Whether playing man out of cover two or zone, he has the skills to be a special player in that kind of defense. He also displays very good ball skills which has resulted in five interceptions in his career.

Against the run, he is a step ahead of most of the corners in this class. Playing on that Alabama defense, a player who doesn't like contact would stick out like a sixth finger. That peer pressure has forced him to be a willing participant in the run game. He looks for opportunities to blow people up, and at worst, he gets low and delivers a good enough hit to get the job done. He also closes on the ball extremely quickly. He does need to be more disciplined about wrapping up, but as mentioned earlier, he is ahead of the pack in this area. He also does a decent job of taking on lead blockers. If there is one area I think he has a weakness, it would be in situations where he is in man coverage with no help. His feet and speed are very good for his size, but the receivers with truly elite speed and quickness will get their fair share of separation from him when left on an island.

The ideal fit for him would be in a Tampa-Two scheme, but there are other schemes where he can have success. Because of his combination of skills, a lot of teams are going to be interested in him in the first round, should he declare himself. He comes from a family rich with athletic success. His father was a football star both at Alabama and in the NFL, and his mother was a track star at UAB. He also has very good character, and I would go out on a limb in saying this is probably one of Nick Saban's favorite defensive backs in his time at Alabama, both on and off the field.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (New York Giants)

- Terrific size and length for the position
- Great athleticism with track speed and quick feet
- Closes quickly and isn't afraid to throw his body around
- Outstanding awareness in coverage and football IQ
- Good ball skills and timing
- High character and work ethic

- Not a lockdown corner that can be left on an island
- Needs to wrap up better as a tackler

Austin Smith
December 31, 2016

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