2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report
Prospect:  Marshon Lattimore


School:          Ohio State
Ht:  6'0"       Wt:  192
Eligibility:      RSSo
Uniform:       #2
Position:      CB

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Lattimore is the latest corner to add his name to this 2017 class, and he may be one of the best. One of three underclassmen out of the Ohio State secondary to declare, he struggled with injuries his first two years before becoming the full-time starter this season. Confidence is always one of the first things I look for in a corner. Not necessarily confidence in what he says but a player who plays like he knows he can recover if he gives up initial separation. A player who never seems to panic because he knows he is capable of getting back in the play. Lattimore may rival Teez Tabor as one of the best in this area. The rest will be a bit more difficult to evaluate because we only have one season of evidence and he wasn't tested a ton. Still, this is what I came away with.

As I mentioned, teams didn't attack him much, but I do see fluid hips when he plays. He is comfortable in his back pedal, and smooth in his transition when he flips his hips and gets going. That is one of the essential elements of being a star at this position. Two things are a guarantee when you are a corner. One is that there will be constant change of direction, and the other is that you must always play at full speed. Fluid hips help in that area. Another thing that helps is quick and disciplined feet. Because he lines up so often in press coverage and so little teams test him with more than deep throws, his feet are a bit of a mystery. I know he has good feet but how do they compare to a guy like conference-foe, Jourdan Lewis who has some of the best feet in this draft. This will be something that I am very interested to see at the combine. Can he change direction like some of the better corners in this draft? If he can, I see him being the top corner in this class. If not, I still see him as a first rounder, but not necessarily a player that is promised to be picked in the top 10.

As for his size, he has a good build on a lengthy frame, with long arms. He can disrupt receivers in their routes and he is most comfortable pressing them at the line and getting in their hip pocket. He has a knack when playing the deep-third to recognize route combinations and understand when something is going on behind him based on what is happening in front of him. He also challenges Desmond King as one of the most active corners in this draft at defending the run. I am not just referring to tackling but actually attacking the run when he is closer to the box, and he understands it is his responsibility to step up. I have seen him take on blockers, as well as chase down plays in the backfield which are advanced traits for any corner coming out of college.

His ball skills are good, but I would like to see him get his head around a bit quicker on deep balls. He has great speed to eat up separation, but he has to time getting his head around better. On a few occasions, he gets back into the play just to see the ball get there as he is turning his head. There was at least one play against Penn State where that resulted in a big play against him. I would also like to see him be more aggressive fighting off blockers against the quick screens to receivers. I understand wanting to keep contain and force them back inside, but he has the athleticism to blow some of those plays up behind the line of scrimmage. That kind of aggression is something that would result in a few more big plays in his favor. It is especially appropriate to be aggressive when you know you have help deep.

Overall, the guy seems to be humble on the field, and a reliable teammate. It can be alarming to see injuries nag a player for more than a year but he looked really good in this, his only healthy season. Like I said, seeing this player workout for scouts will help paint a better picture of how good he really is, and the combine should be a perfect opportunity. I'd hate to see him put off a workout until his pro day but that is a possibility. Still, if he is the athlete many think he is, it will be a defining moment to see him prove it against some of the other top corners in this class at the beginning of March. There he could prove to be a top-10 talent.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Terrence Newman (Minnesota Vikings)

- Plays with confidence in his ability
- Fluid hips
- Solid ball skills
- Good top-end recovery speed
- Aggressive presence against the run

- Questions about his footwork due to lack of experience
- Injuries plagued two of his three years at Ohio State
- Needs to get his head around sooner on the deep ball

Austin Smith
January 26, 2017

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