2017 NFL Draft
Scouting Report
Prospect:  Myles Garrett


School:          Texas A&M
Ht:  6'-5"       Wt:  262
Eligibility:      JR
Uniform:       #15
Position:      EDGE

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Entering the 2016 season, Myles Garrett is widely regarded as the top draft-eligible prospect in the country. He has been credited with 24 sacks in his first two years at Texas A&M and has set a goal to get 20 more as a junior. We have seen this kind of hype before when Jadeveon Clowney dominated the competition prior to becoming a junior. Garrett will try to avoid the slump Clowney had in his third year, but it didn't stop him from being selected with the first pick, and that is what is expected. If Garrett continues to show an elite ability to get to the quarterback, it will be hard to pass on him, no matter who picks first.

What makes Garrett an elite edge rusher is his combination of size and athleticism. Garrett stands 6'5" with very long arms, and a frame that could easily carry an extra 15 pounds (he plays at 262). He has a very quick first step, and he gets to full speed in a hurry. For a taller player, he does a very good job of staying low when he turns the corner and has enough strength to keep from getting pushed past the pocket. When he is in space, he can make the players across from him look silly. His quick first step is so good, he often fakes it forcing the lineman to punch. He then counters, and it usually ends in pressure or a sack. Like most college pass rushers, he will need to develop multiple moves and techniques to play at the next level, but he is ahead of where Clowney was when he was a junior.

When Clowney came out, I felt he belonged in a 4-3 scheme. He was just more comfortable playing with his hand on the ground, and his hand and footwork echoed that. With Garrett, I feel the opposite. He is so comfortable with that initial separation that playing outside linebacker in a 3-4 allows. With that separation, his athleticism is that much more dangerous. He is also an outstanding character. Teammates and coaches praise him for his work ethic and leadership, and he is a model citizen away from football.

There are two minor flaws I am anxious to see him improve on as a junior. First, he needs to add strength. He has the frame to do it, but overall, he is not an overwhelmingly powerful player which he has the potential to be. With his ability to get players off-balance with his explosion, he could transition that speed to power and walk them back into the backfield if he can get stronger.

It would also help him hold up against the run, which is my other concern. He makes plays in the backfield, but his game is far more polished when it comes to penetrating the line as opposed to holding up at the point. He will need to learn how to get a strong punch with his long arms and hold the blocker at the point of attack, and then separate to pursue the ball. He occasionally shows these abilities, but he has to be more consistent if he is going to be a complete player.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): Aldon Smith (Oakland Raiders) or Chandler Jones (Arizona Cardinals)

- Terrific Size and length
- Elite athleticism and explosion
- Turns the corner well for a big player
- Great awareness
- Versatile player that can line up anywhere as a pass rusher
- Productive player against the highest level of competition in college

- Needs to add strength
- Must add polish as a run defender

Austin Smith
August 21, 2016

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