2017 NFL Draft
Scouting Report
Prospect:  Roderick Johnson


School:          Florida State
Ht:  6'-7"       Wt:  311
Eligibility:      JR
Uniform:       #77
Position:       OL

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With the news of Cam Robinson's recent off-the-field issues, Johnson is my candidate to be 2017's version of Ronnie Stanley. He is not as experienced or as physically imposing as Robinson, but Johnson does have the skill-set to be the first tackle drafted if he makes some major progress in a few areas. For starters, he needs to add more strength. He is not adept at driving players off the line of scrimmage. His punch generally has good hand-placement, but that is usually where his effectiveness ends when attempting to drive the lineman across from him off the ball. He needs more strength in his upper body so that punch can effectively knock defenders off balance. He also needs more strength in his lower body so he can take those off-balanced defenders and drive them backward.

His footwork is also a source of some struggles. His feet will always be borderline at best when it comes to playing on the left side, but if he is going to play there in the NFL, he needs to make sure he maximizes his potential in this area. There are occasions where his initial steps off the snap are too erratic, and it puts him off balance. More core-strength could help in this area as well, but overall, he needs to get the most out of the ability he has.

While his footwork in that area needs improvement, one of his bigger strengths is blocking on the move. Whether pulling on the toss-sweep or getting to the second level, he generally plays on balance and makes solid contact with defenders. As long as he stays on balance for those initial steps out of his stance, he can be very effective here. That is also the case in pass-protection. When he is in position and on-balance, he mirrors defenders well and is very patient with his punch. Early in the year he got caught lunging too often but by season's end, that was no longer the norm.

Overall, Johnson has enough athleticism to hold up as a left tackle in the NFL, as well as plenty of length. Still, if I were a team that ran a zone-blocking system, I would value him highest as a right tackle. The issues he may have with the first-step quickness of some of the more explosive pass rushers in the NFL can be countered by the fact that the quarterback can see what is going on. He also has the frame to add the afore-mentioned strength to make him a very good run-blocker.

Compares to (Current NFL Player): D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Former New York Jet) or Anthony Castonzo (Indianapolis Colts)

- Outstanding arm length and big frame
- Excellent blocker on the move
- Mirrors well against pass rushers

- Needs to get stronger
- Footwork is good, but there is room for improvement
- Not an elite athlete for the position

Austin Smith
July 25, 2016

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