Selection Analysis - Pick #6

NFL Draft Selections

Jaylen Waddle



I have mixed emotions. I like Jaylen Waddle; he's an excellent player. Waddle reuniting with Tua is great and he's exactly the type of WR we need to add quickness and dynamism to the offense. On the flip side, I feel we could have traded back and still got the former Alabama star. There is also the lingering concern about the ankle injury that derailed Waddle's 2020 season.

Passing on Penei Sewell is notable as that would have been inconceivable only weeks ago. Chris Grier was determined to get an offensive playmaker, but Waddle was undoubtedly third choice after Pitts and Chase had left the board. However, I'm excited to see Waddle in Aqua and Orange; welcome to South Florida Jaylen!

Grade: B-

- David Payne, Dolphins Analyst.

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