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Selection Comment - Pick #11

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New Orleans
Chris Olave

Ohio State


Saints WRs floundered this past season. Their production was the worst in the Sean Payton Era. Marquez Callaway led the team with a mere 698 Yds and 6 TDs. The squad ranked 29th in the NFL in passing yards per game (197.9) and last in completion percentage (58 %). Plus, the receiving squad owns a distant last place in the NFL for combined receptions by receivers and TEs (11.875 per game).

Late in the season, our DraftTek Big Board analysts fell into a debate over which Ohio State receiver was better, Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson? It was a close call... Wilson's reception % is 69.8, with 15.7 ypc and 11 TDs. Olave owns a 65.2 reception %, 14.6 ypc, and 13 TD. Contested catch rate: Olave (8 of 13) 65.1% betters Wilson's (4 of 7) 57.1%. However, when it comes to Missed Tackles forced, Wilson (17), the heavier WR, broke more tackles and won the battle over Olave (4). But, Olave is a smooth criminal. The Saints were smart to trade up to steal him.

Grade: A-

~DatBudMan, Saints Analyst

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