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Selection Comment - Pick #13

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Jordan Davis



Ten year ago, the Eagles entered draft night with the 15th overall pick, but wound up trading up a few spots to come away with a dominant DT from an SEC school with a Bulldog mascot. In 2022, history has repeated itself. The Eagles trade up from 15 to get in front of the Ravens to select Jordan Davis to serve as the heir apparent to Fletcher Cox.

Davis lit the combine on fire by running a 4.78 forty at 6'6" and 340 lbs., but it was his play at Georgia that laid the groundwork for his selection here. Davis didn't put up huge numbers in terms of sacks, but he was constantly affecting the play, devouring double teams and pushing the pocket. Davis has room to grow as a pass rusher, and with Fletcher Cox as his mentor he has an excellent chance to reach his sky high potential and keep the middle of the Eagles D-line formidable for the foreseeable future.

Grade: A

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