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Selection Comment - Pick #20

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Kenny Pickett



The Steelers kicked the tires on the top 6 quarterbacks in this class, travelling to Pro-Days across the nation to end up picking the kid next door. Pickett's first few seasons weren't in line with a draftable QB, let alone a RD1 guy. However, much like Frampton, Pickett came alive in the 2021 season, leading the Panthers to an 11-3 record, posting 42 TDs to 8 INTs.

He impressed at the Senior Bowl as the most pro-ready prospect. Practicing in the same facility and having a former Steeler coach as an OC gave the Steelers the inside track on Pickett's evaluation. He has the athleticism needed to run the wrinkles that OC Matt Canada would like to fit into the Steelers offense. His limitations are primarily of a physical nature giving the team further confidence in the evaluation.

Grade: B+

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