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Selection Comment - Pick #21

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LA Chargers
DeMarvin Leal

Texas A&M


Despite a talent-rich roster and a bright young head coach, the Chargers just keep Chargering along, with a 6-5 record that has them smack in the middle of the parity pit known as the AFC West. One big issue is that they're not stopping the run -- their rush defense is lagging at 30th in the league in both yardage and TDs allowed.

If he's still on the board when their turn comes, Texas A&M's DeMarvin Leal would likely prompt NASA-esque paper throwing celebrations in the Bolts' war room. Leal would provide the kind of schematic versatility up front that Derwin James offers on the back end. Leal, at 6-4 and 290, projects as a quick D Tackle but currently plays Edge Rusher for the Aggies. He could move and stunt across the line of scrimmage in Brandon Staley's intricate scheme and hopefully create magic a la Staley's 2020 Rams defense.

--Jud Branam, Chargers Analyst

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