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Selection Comment - Pick #23

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Desmond Ridder



I don't even know what to say about the Titans. Are they good? Are they bad? Honestly, it's too difficult to tell. Obviously injuries to Derrick Henry, AJ Brown and Julio Jones have impacted their success, but they were beating quality teams with those players out just a couple weeks ago. Let's just hope the Titans make the playoffs and get healthy for their run.

I wanted to try something different this mock draft. It's improbable, but I wanted to see how this scenario would play out for Tennessee. The Titans need playmakers on offense, that much is clear. Well, how about we give them a playmaker at the most important position on the field, QB. Desmond Ridder is a dual threat QB with the kind of raw talent offensive coordinators drool over.

Here's the best part, if the Titans draft Ridder he can sit for a year or even two and refine his raw talent while Tannehill starts. Also, can you imagine Ridder running an RPO with Derrick Henry? Defenses would be flummoxed. I was also happy to see that the Titans were able to address a more pressing need in RD3 of this DRAFTSIM by scooping up underrated LB Nolan Smith. Note to Titans' front office, taking a QB in RD1 can work out.

Senior Drafttek Analyst Jonah Anderson

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