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Selection Comment - Pick #25

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Kenny Pickett



With the Detroit Lions second pick in the first round, the organization selects....Kenny Pickett, Quarterback, Pittsburgh.

Honestly, I like the sound of that. In this week's mock, the Lions would have then drafted two players in RD1 who have broken records at their respective schools. For Pickett, the Panther signal-caller broke all-time great Dan Marino's single season touchdown record of 37. Aside from records, Pickett can leave his own mark on Pitt football as the 17th ranked Panthers take on Wake Forest for the ACC Championship. If Pickett wins it, it'll end up being the first ever ACC Championship for the program. No pressure right?

I truly feel from the QBs available in this year's draft, none are worthy of the number one overall selection. Depending on where the Rams finish, the Lions will hopefully be in prime position to take Pickett lower in the first round. However, I am worried. If Pickett continues to impress, if he rises too high, well the Lions should still be able to get ahold of one of the top-5 QBs in this class.

- Doug Hyde, Lions Analyst

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