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Selection Comment - Pick #29

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New England
Cole Strange



No surprise that Bill Belichick traded back from pick 21. Despite the inevitability of the move, the Pats left some good prospects on the board. I would have liked to see Bill resist the temptation of a trade and select a CB (McDuffie/Elam) or a LB (Walker/Lloyd.) McDuffie was, ironically, the player selected by the Chiefs at 21.

The O-line needs help, but selecting Cole Strange represents a massive reach. Strange is versatile, and can play OG or OC, but he'll need to be coached up quickly. With incumbent Center, David Andrews, 1 year into a 4-year contract, Strange may need to start his NFL career fighting for the RG spot. Wherever he lines up, this is an underwhelming selection.

Grade: D-

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