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Selection Comment - Pick #1

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C.J. Stroud

Ohio State


There are MANY things to talk about pertaining to Texans football. However, none of them involve actually winning football games.

It's not hard to see why Houston possesses the #1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. It starts when you bench your current QB, Davis Mills, more than halfway through the season in favor of journeyman QB Kyle Allen. Who didn't even know he was starting until Friday, after he had been splitting reps with Mills throughout the week. It's not a surprise that Kyle Allen had an ABYSMAL performance against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday. This type of move is not a good look for Lovie Smith, and it looks increasingly likely that he will also be one and done in Houston. If you're going to be hiring a new HC, best to pair him with a young upstart QB with your #1 overall pick in the form of CJ Stroud, QB from Ohio State!

CJ Stroud throws the best deep ball with touch in this entire Draft class. Stroud has excellent arm strength and does well to read coverages while identifying leverage to give his WR's opportunities to make a play on the football. He can identify matchups when testing man coverage, and boasts an impressive blend of accuracy, timing, and touch especially down the field. Stroud would be a pretty damn good consolation prize considering everything this organization has been through at the QB position.

- Cody Lachney, Texans Analyst

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