2023 NFL Mock Draft

Selection Comment - Pick #12

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Paris Johnson Jr.

Ohio State


Barring injury, the Steelers are returning their starting tackles from last year. This duo of Okorafor and 1st year player Dan Moore was a liability against the pass rush and ineffective in the run game. With no new talent to push them, they're on the roster in Sharpie. In 2021, the wily Roethlisberger was able to rapidly read defenses and get rid of the ball very quickly to limited success. He had the shortest time to release in the league for the last 2 seasons to keep himself off the ground behind the porous line.

This year begins a new era with Trubisky, Pickett, or Rudolph in the starting QB role. OC Matt Canada's offense is expected to finally open up with a more mobile QB, motions, jet sweeps etc. On the ground, the team returns the electric and versatile Najee Harris and retooled the interior line in free agency. All of these initiatives and changes will likely be hampered by a line bookended by sub-par Tackles. In the 2023 draft the Steelers should be looking to improve this group if they want to contend.

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