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Selection Comment - Pick #13

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Bryan Bresee



The Falcons outlook remains as muddy as the Chattahoochee after a stiff rain. They have gone from a team playing just well enough to win to a team playing just well enough to lose. Thin areas on the depth chart - on the D-line and at left guard - are being exposed, with injuries to Ta'Quon Graham and the entire LG depth chart. Losing Kyle Pitts isn't going to help you win games, either.

And yet, improbably, they remain in playoff contention due to the woeful state of the NFC South. Atlanta will likely enter next spring's draft without seeing Desmond Ridder take meaningful snaps, and therefore not knowing if they should be looking for a franchise QB. While you have to admire Terry Fontenot's bravery in absorbing a massive dead cap hit this year to facilitate a quick rebuild, without clarity at QB, the progress of that rebuild is entirely dependent on determining whether the QB situation is resolved. Of course, the other consideration is that Arthur Smith seems content on using middling QBs (like Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mediocre) with a stronger overall roster.

With five of their losses coming by a single score, the Falcons might be ready to legitimately compete next year (as opposed to the "compete by default" setting engaged in the NFC South right now). However, if Ridder isn't the long term answer, the persistence in sticking with Mariota will come under even more scrutiny than it has now.

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