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Selection Comment - Pick #17

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Cam Smith

South Carolina


The Arizona Cardinals and star quarterback Kyler Murray finally agreed on a $230.5 million contract extension over five years. Good news! Not really.

It was discovered that the Cardinals added a unique clause in Murray's contract requiring he perform at least four hours of independent study of the week's opponent, calling into question his work ethic and a possible reason for the team's second-half collapses the last two seasons. The story was inflamed further after he was quoted in a New York Times article, written months earlier, that he did not need to do any film study because he had higher than average "cognitive skills"

The clause was eventually removed, but not before Murray called his own "press conference" to defend his work ethic but still refused to answer any direct questions about the actual clause itself.

Despite a long, and at times embarrassing, offseason that has now included the suspension of one wide receiver and arrest of another, Arizona still enters the 2022 campaign with a lot of potential and some great weapons on the offense, including center Rodney Hudson, who was reportedly contemplating retirement before his announced return to the field for 2022. The defense is a bit more of a question mark, especially at the cornerback position. South Carolina's Cam Smith, taken in this mock draft, could be a good addition to hopefully add some stability to a team that could certainly use it right now.

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