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Selection Comment - Pick #19

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Tampa Bay
Trenton Simpson



The Buccaneers at 5-6 are still in 1st place in the woeful NFC South Division. Though some fans and sportswriters may disagree, Tom Brady no longer paralyzes opposing defenses with fear. When the Jacoby Brissett led Cleveland Browns can stage a comeback victory over Brady's Bucs, the magic is no longer there. The cream of the NFC (Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings, Niners) would likely prefer facing the flawed Bucs in the playoffs as opposed to the more dangerous Commanders or Giants - teams playing with a lot of heart.

The pick here is LB Trent Simpson, but there's absolutely no kind of consensus on player nor position. High-priced free agents will be excessed in a re-building purge, leaving holes all over the roster. In the past couple mocks, we've featured QB Hendon Hooker as the Bucs loks for a QBOTF. Hooker's injury could cost him much of his rookie season, pushing his draft stock down into Day 2. The likes of Anthony Richardson may be worthwhile to look at, but we're projecting a rebuild the trenches approach.

33 year-old Lavonte David's contract is up following the season ($12.5M per annum). If anyone can replace the legend, it's Trent Simpson!

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