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Selection Comment - Pick #2

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Bryce Young



" Pre-season predictions are in , and they are not kind to the Atlanta Falcons. This has not pleased Arthur Smith or Dean Pees , but the crux of the issue is the quarterback position.

Having enjoyed a long stretch of stability under Matt Ryan for 222 games, they are now going to give Marcus Mariota one last chance to revive his career or see if Desmond Ridder was the steal of the 2022 draft. If neither of those gambits pay off, then Atlanta could live down to expectations, and if that is the case, then the team will be in line to pick one of the top QBs in next spring's draft. Early reports on Mariota are glowing, but fragility has been a huge issue for the former 2nd overall pick, and training camp "flag football" won't determine whether Mariota can steer clear of the training room. Ridder has looked impressive "for a rookie" but the accuracy concerns that have dogged him throughout the draft process are at least evident in his early workouts.

The offensive line might be solidifying a bit, if Elijah Wilkinson succeeds in forcing Jalen Mayfield to the bench, and that could be the difference between success and failure for an offense desperately hoping that new blood equals wins and not just marking time until finding the true next franchise QB."

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