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Selection Comment - Pick #2

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C.J. Stroud

Ohio State


The Houston Texans did the right thing, they drafted CJ Stroud with the 2nd overall pick!

Rumors circulated that the team would prioritize defense, but owner Cal McNair reportedly intervened at the last minute to secure a franchise quarterback.

For the Texans, Stroud represents hope for the future. The team has been searching for a quarterback to build around since the departure of Deshaun Watson. While there are certainly risks involved in drafting a young quarterback, Stroud's incredible touch, timing, and accuracy on downfield throws is a thing of beauty!

Of course, the success of Stroud and the Texans will depend on a variety of factors. The team will need to provide him with a strong supporting cast, and Stroud will need to continue to develop and adjust to the speed of the NFL game. However, the selection of Stroud is a step in the right direction for a team that has been in desperate need of building blocks.

- Cody Lachney, Texans Analyst

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