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Selection Comment - Pick #20

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Clark Phillips III



Although his aggressive play has resulted in 6 penalties through 12 games, the Seahawks are more than pleased with their rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen (57% completion rate allowed, 70.1 Passer Rating against), an athletic marvel who is still learning the position. He started his career at UTSA at WR, transitioning over to defense in 2020.

Beyond Woolen though, the Seahawks' secondary is a shell of it's once great self. HC Pete Carroll relies upon not-ready-for-primetime rookie Coby Bryant (75.% completion rate allowed, 112.1 passer rating into coverage), and Michael Jackson (61.7. 89.9).

We alluded to the Seahawks' defensive woes in the Jalen Carter comment. The DL got the first RD1 pick with Carter, here the team addresses the secondary. Clark Phillips gets the nod here (86.9 PFF grade). Phillips diminuitive stature won't confine him entirely to the slot however. He's lined up 309 snaps at wide corner for Utah, versus 211 in the slot.

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