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Selection Comment - Pick #20

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Michael Mayer

Notre Dame


Training camp always helps teams get a better picture of what positions will or won't need to be addressed in the future. While the Cowboys have seen several young faces standout (Tyler Smith, Sam Williams, Jalen Tolbert, Markquese Bell), several injuries have shined a light on areas that need either a temporary or long-term solution. However, one thing is clear. Despite having over $20M in cap space to add a veteran receiver, swing tackle or backup tight end, Dallas has their sights on carrying much of that cash over to 2023 when Dak Prescott's contract jumps up north of $49M.

On top of that, the Cowboys will have several players they hope to resign or extend like CeeDee Lamb, Trevon Diggs and Dalton Schultz. With only so much money to go around, someone is likely to be left out of the spending, and while Schultz has put up terrific numbers over the last two years, he simply doesn't impact the game like the other two. That's why Dallas could be looking for an upgrade next April. Mayer has been a stud since he showed up at Notre Dame, and could slide into Schultz's old role if he finds a new home in the offseason.

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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