2023 NFL Mock Draft

Selection Comment - Pick #21

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NY Jets
Antonio Johnson

Texas A&M


What to do at QB? Despite leading his team to a 5-2 record (in games he started) this season, the W-L record masks Wilson's ineptitude. He's famously being compared to Jamarcus Russell.

Are the Jets suddenly in need of drafting a QB? The tide suddenly may be shifting to yes.

I expect the Jets to make the playoffs on the strength of their Sauce Gardner led defense, but the upcoming schedule (@Vikings, @Bills) will show us that Mike White isn't a guy who can win big games.

The Jets shall make a play for Jimmy Garappolo, who has carried the Niners to a Lombardi trophy runner-up. Like the Niners, the Jets sport a powerful defense. It makes sense and Robert Saleh is the connection.

With Garappolo on board, the draft could target any number of positions: OT, WR or a safety as in this week's mock.

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