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Selection Comment - Pick #22

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NY Giants
Josh Downs

North Carolina


As banged up as the Giant were going into Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, the outcome was not unexpected. Early in the game, QB Daniel Jones had some success avoiding the formidable Dallas' pressure with designed rollout, but got away from that in the 2nd half. That the Giants primary WR corps consisted of castoffs' Richie James (45 snaps), Darius Slayton (54 snaps) and recently acquired Isaiah Hodgins (45) didn't scare the Cowboy's defenders. Tellingly, Kenny Golladay saw just 19 snaps, with 0 catches.

Before succumbing to season ending knee surgery, Wandale Robinson put together a couple of nice games where he showed potential to be a quality slot receiver, in particular with a 9 catch day in the loss to Detroit. Looking at the Giants' free agency picture at OvertheCap.com, it's a jailbreak after this season with the following WRs hitting the road: Sterling Shepard, Richie James, Marcus Johnson and Darius Slayton. The only two remaining contracted WRs are ACL-injured Robinson and ... Golladay - whose 2022 valuation is $267,000. It hasn't been the history of GM Joe Schoen and HC Brian Daboll (while with the Bills) to select WRs in high rounds of the draft. You need to travel back to 2017 to find even a Day 2 pick - that would be Zay Jones. It would be more their style to add to the stable of impact pass rushers or interior defensive linemen. But when the cupboard is this bare at receiver, it's got to be the top candidate for the 2023 RD1 pick. Needless to say, this assumes that the G-men will carry on with Daniel Jones at QB into 2023.

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