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Selection Comment - Pick #26

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Blake Freeland



While I'm not writing off the idea of taking a defender with this pick, the gap between the offense and defense has been huge. Not only is their offense averaging a league-worst 14.3 points per game, but the frustration is starting to boil over between offensive and defensive players.

At this rate, Denver's original selection will be somewhere in the top five, and Seattle will continue to reap the benefits of trading Russell Wilson. We are even hearing Nathaniel Hackett may not last through the end of the season. While Hackett may lose his job, Wilson isn't going anywhere and George Paton needs to continue to improve the group around him. It's not like this roster doesn't have talented skilled players, but this offensive line has made getting into a rhythm nearly impossible. The Broncos need to make a dedicated effort to improving this unit throughout the offseason.

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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