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Selection Comment - Pick #27

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Bijan Robinson



Once again, I am a bit shocked a player most have ranked in the top ten is falling to this point, but as I said in our last mock draft, the Cowboys will take it. Drafttek's team analysts discussed Robinson's situation, but no team picking before the Cowboys was willing to commit to Robinson; vis-a-vis comparison to his expected contribution versus need at other position (and contribution of incumbent RBs).

There is a lot of clamoring about how the Cowboys have led the NFL in scoring since Dak Prescott returned, but the real catalyst has been Kellen Moore's commitment to running the football. After running for more than 150 yards just twice in the six games, they've done it four of their last five with a good mix of Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott.

However, Pollard's price tag is rising with every big run he produces, and while Elliott has been no slouch himself, I don't see his contract surviving this offseason. The bottom line is the Cowboys running back room looks good today, but the picture could be much different next spring. Robinson is an explosive, versatile player that could provide the slide right into the shoes of Pollard or Elliott, if one of them doesn't return next season. The question isn't whether Dallas would take Robinson here, but rather who will he be replacing?

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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