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Selection Comment - Pick #29

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O'Cyrus Torrence



While the Bills haven't looked like themselves for about a month, it's fair to say that good teams find a way to win even when they're not at their best. If you remember, November was a tough month for them last year as well.

When the '21 Bills fell to 7-6, I got a DM from our wonderful then-Editor, Dean, telling me that even worse than shoulder issues, we didn't have to worry about the Bills picking 32nd. Well, the team went on a run and probably should have been representing the AFC in the Super Bowl last year. For whatever reason, McDermott's Bills are not great in November (.500 over the last 3 seasons compared to .610 overall) but seem to start and finish seasons well.

Tony Romo continually harped on the fact that Josh's errant throws are more due to his elbow than anything else and stated that a UCL injury is probably the hardest injury to play through-even worse than shoulder injuries. If this roster can get healthier I believe the offense and defense alike will return to early-season form in December, January, and, God-willing, February.

-Kennedy Paynter, Senior Draft Analyst (@Kennedy_Paynter on Twitter)

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