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Selection Comment - Pick #29

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Tampa Bay
Garrett Williams



Tom Brady flirting with the Dolphins while the 2021 season was still ongoing is the big story in early August an event which culminated in the Fins losing their 2023 RD1 draft pick. Of more interest to Bucs' fan in this fiasco is that it's indicative of Brady's discontent with Bucs' brass, at least in the 2021 season. Ultimately Brady decided to give it one more shot with the Bucs, but how long will it take before his dissatisfaction begins to bubble up in 2022?

The Bucs don't have an easy schedule by any means, but somehow all their toughest opponents (Bengals, Chiefs, Ravens, Packers, Rams) are all scheduled for the friendly confines of Raymond James.

Win or lose, it's a certainty (or is it?) that the Bucs' will need a starting QB as early as 2023. A winning season will make it tough to find one in the Draft, of course. As such we're going with CB Garrett Williams, a need precipitated by a host of upcoming free agents in the secondary.

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