2023 NFL Mock Draft

Selection Comment - Pick #30

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Spencer Rattler

South Carolina


Unless Jared Goff puts up an astounding 2022 season, it just feels like the Lions should spend their last piece of Matt Stafford trade capital to land a future QB. The right signal caller gets them out of endless rebuild purgatory and onto a road to redemption. And what better QB for manly man Head Coach Dan Campbell than a guy who's worked through some challenges like South Carolina's Spencer Rattler?

The strong-armed Rattler transferred over from Oklahoma and will be on the spot to show his legendary high school talent is still of NFL grade. The pieces are certainly there, as Rattler has a quick release and a strong, sideline to sideline arm. This season will be about showing the maturity and decision making required to ascend to franchise QB level. Acquiring a promising QB would further build GM Brad Holmes' rep as an up and coming roster builder.

--Jud Branam, Lions Analyst

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