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Selection Comment - Pick #31

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Brandon Joseph

Notre Dame


The Bills have the best safety tandem in the league. A tandem that allows their defense to play fairly vanilla schemes and still produce at an elite level. A tandem that also had injury scares in the first week of training camp. Luckily, Micah Hyde is day-to-day with a hip injury and Jordan Poyer is out only a few weeks after his scary elbow injury. Moving toward a season with such lofty expectations for the first time in three decades, the most important factor for Buffalo is undoubtedly health. Injuries always happen, but if this roster can stay fairly healthy in 2022, the sky is the limit to what the winter of 2023 may bring to this hungry fan base.

Up front on defense, it will be wildly interesting to see the impact Von Miller can have on a bevy of young defensive line talent. After adding 3 pass rushers in the first 3 rounds of the '20 and '21 drafts, many fans were expecting a better pass rush than has been put on the field. Miller has taken these young men under his wing and the whole group-including Ed Oliver in a contract-year-are excited for what's to come. With Josh Allen at the helm, this offense will produce. If the defense can match (as they did last year) and add some pass-rush, look out!

-Kennedy Paynter, Senior Draft Analyst (@Kennedy_Paynter on Twitter)

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