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Selection Comment - Pick #4

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Bryce Young



The Carolina Panthers are STILL alive in the NFC South!

As amazing as that is to type, it's the absolute truth! Ever since getting thumped by the Cincinnati Bengals, the Carolina defense has returned to form and is really playing their best football down the stretch of November. To make things even crazier, stability at the QB position looks like it might come from none other than Sam Darnold! Granted, he's only had one performance, but he really made some great splash plays downfield for the Panthers against an otherwise vaunted Bronco's defense. This team still has much work to be done, but in a short amount of time Steve Wilks has made a great name for himself and improved his odds of being the next HC for the Carolina Panthers.

All that being said, if Alabama QB Bryce Young is still on the table, the Panthers must select him! Bryce Young is the ultimate point guard and is so much more than your stereo typical "game manager" QB. Young's next level field vision is truly at the top of his class. Even when incurring pressure from multiple gaps, he is shifty enough to evade while keeping his eyes downfield and making some of the most beautiful throws you've ever seen. Bryce has even set himself apart amongst Alabama QB's, as he ss the first player in Alabama history to record multiple 3000 passing yards seasons!

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- Cody Lachney, Panthers Analyst

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