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Selection Comment - Pick #4

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Will Levis



Reviewing the Seahawks' draft history, you will note that the franchise hasn't drafted a RD1 QB since 1993 and rarely has drafted one anywhere in the draft in 20 years. Yes there's Russell Wilson, selected in RD3 in 2012. Since then, there's just Alex McGough in RD7 from 2018.

So it's with great trepidation that we have the team picking Will Levis here at pick #4 in the 2023 Draft. GM John Schneider and HC Pete Carroll have both been with the Seahawks since 2010, and have perhaps become complacent toward the position with the success of Wilson's 10-year run. This duo evidently still thinks that QBs either aren't that important, or that that good ones fall out of trees. You don't need to be that old of a Seahawks' fan to remember the team's 20-year wander-in-the-QB-desert (1990 to 2010), trying to get by with names like Dan McGwire, Seneca Wallace, Rick Mirer, and Trent Dilfer. The team did experience a measure of success at the position with Matt Hasselbeck in the aughts, but Hasselbeck was never considered an elite QB.

After a season with Lock and Geno, the thinking in this pre-season mock is that Schneider will make a beeline for one of the 2023 Draft's top-flite QBs if they're in position to do so.

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