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Selection Comment - Pick #6

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Las Vegas
Will Levis



Derek Carr has been a polarizing quarterback throughout his career, always playing just good enough to keep his job despite significant holes elsewhere on the roster, and an inability by team management to draft players who can stick on the roster, squandering one RD1 pick after another (Leatherwood, Ruggs, Arnette, Ferrell).

There picks aren't on new GM Dave Zeigler, but 2022 was supposed to be different. Carr was awarded a large $40M per annum contract (albeit for just three years) after leading the team to the playoffs in the 2021 season. They added the NFL's best (arguably) receiver in Davante Adams. He had no excuses, but summarily flopped. Earlier in November with the Raiders off to a 2-7 record, the hue and cry for Carr's replacement was a room-filling din, particularly with the 2023 Draft's top QBs in reach.

Fast forward to Week 12 and there he goes again, Carr turns on the leadership, rally's the troops, and wins 2 games. Suddenly Stroud and Young, the Draft's top-2 prospects, are out of reach. But the consensus #3, Will Levis, is still a possibilty.

The Raiders have a number of winnable games on the schedule for the remainder of the 2022 season (Rams, Steelers, Chargers), and some more challenging ones (Patriots, Niners, Chiefs), and the Chiefs could be resting regulars in the season finale. A strong finish will save Carr again, though maybe not HC Josh McDaniels.

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