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Selection Comment - Pick #7

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Peter Skoronski



The Steelers play hard for HC Mike Tomlin, but they're underpowered offensively. The team is ranked 28th in total yards produced. As a passing offense, the team has thrown a crazy low 7 touchdowns in 11 games to date - last in the NFL. We have to assume that the team is committed to Kenny Pickett into 2023, but where do you start with offensive help??

The offensive line, and in particular the offensive tackles need major servicing. Chuckie Okorafor and Dan Moore possess bookend PFF scores (60.9 and 62.5, respectively), as well as similar pressure-allowed stats (28 and 29), the latter stat both in the bottom-10 of NFL tackles.

Upgrading to Peter Skowronski is most certainly the most effective spackle that can be pasted on the Steelers' cracks. Immediate upgrades for the passing and running games.

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