2023 NFL Mock Draft

Selection Comment - Pick #8

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Bijan Robinson



Arthur Smith apparently missed Derrick Henry, because he went out and got his Falcons' version. For the third year in a row, Atlanta has eschewed the "positional value" to stockpile weapons for the offense. Robinson was among the top two or three talents in the draft, and that's all it took for Smith to pull the trigger and complete the retooling of the offense along the lines he has been working towards.

Robinson's position is the only thing that led him to fall this far, and Atlanta will be able to spell Cordarelle Patterson and use Tyler Allegeir as a short-yard battering ram. They spent the free agency period retooling the defense, so topping off the offense took priority over adding pass rush or secondary help. For value? This is a B move. For impact? This is an A+ move.

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