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Selection Comment - Pick #8

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Joey Porter Jr.

Penn State


Following their turnover-laden Week-10 loss to the Commanders, some wondered if the Eagles might be more vulnerable than their 8-0 start to the season suggested. A too-close victory over the Colts that saw the Eagles continue their struggle with fumbles after a relatively mistake-free start to the season didn't help assuage those concerns, though they did cut the turnovers from 4 to just 2. Against the Packers, the Eagles never trailed after half and again halved their turnovers to just one in the one-score victory.

With tests against the Titans and Giants in two of their next three matchups, Philly's ability (or lack thereof) to neutralize two of the game's top RBs could crystalize their case for being the team to beat in the NFC. Their record already near promises a playoff spot, but what the Eagles do once they're there will largely depend on how well they limit their opponents' turnover opportunities and how well they control the clock.

When it comes to the draft the Eagles are in ideal position to draft the best player available with their first RD 1 pick. A name to watch could be Penn State's Joey Porter Jr. The first-team All-Big 10 CB, has the type of length and physical play style that would be a perfect fit in Philadelphia.

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