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Selection Comment - Pick #12

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Bo Nix



There you have it... I went with Bo Nix as Denver's pick for months, only to pivot to Brock Bowers in the last two weeks. Why the sudden move to TE? Nix isn't the 12th best player in this class and the Broncos aren't a quarterback away from being a serious playoff contender.

It's hard to argue with Sean Payton when it comes to quarterbacks. Yes, there are some similarities to Nix's skillset and that of Drew Brees. Am I predicting him to be the next Brees? Absolutely not. However, he is a smart player with the ability to make plays outside the structure of the play. I don't love the value, but when five passers went in the top 10, it appeared the writing was on the wall for this to happen. If the Broncos passed on Nix here, the risk the Raiders getting him at 13 was too great. This is what Payton believed was best, and he was brought brought to Denver to make that call. Grade: B

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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