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Selection Comment - Pick #2

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Jayden Daniels



The Commanders did what we all thought they would and took a QB. Jayden Daniels has been universally lauded throughout the draft process and is the top QB on some teams' boards-even over Caleb Williams. I'll start with my concerns. I prefer Drake Maye. I believe Maye makes better anticipatory throws and has a superior build for the position. Jayden Daniels is pretty much my size and I can't imagine not being vaporized when hit by an NFL defender.

Jayden's ability, though, is unquestioned. By all accounts he is also a great leader and a tireless worker, even diving into VR to study progressions for 4+ hours per day in the offseason. I can't give this selection anything less than an A. He's the player they wanted, a player many teams covet across the league, and he's a quarterback? A home-run for Adam Peters and Dan Quinn. This pick could be exactly what Washington needs to get out from under the left behind by Dan Snyder's destructive ways.

Grade: A

-Kennedy Paynter, Senior Draft Analyst (@Kennedy_Paynter on Twitter)

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