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Selection Comment - Pick #29

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Tyler Guyton



This is a big win for the Dallas Cowboys, who were locked into taking an offensive linemen from the start. I expected them to be picking between Tyler Guyton and Jackson Powers-Johnson; but, considering their additional needs that could be aided by a top-100 player, to add pick 73 and still grab a choice OT is outstanding!

I preferred Graham Barton, but with Guyton and JPJ both still available, trading back was the right call. Left tackle is one of the most important positions on the field. Guyton has a skillset that can fit perfectly with a little more polish. To call him raw is not a stretch, but the steps he took in Mobile were proof that he is very coachable and hungry to compete and get better. Most importantly, this allows the Cowboys to keep Tyler Smith at left guard, which has always been his natural position. Grade: A-

~Austin Smith, DraftTek Senior Analyst

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