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Selection Comment - Pick #3

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New England
Drake Maye

North Carolina


After weeks of speculation, the Patriots finally did what conventional wisdom stated-- stick and pick.

Yes, the Patriots have a ton of needs on offense. Yes, it's hard for a rookie quarterback to succeed in an offense that lacks talent at key skill positions. Yes, they could have gotten a historic haul.

A chance at drafting a franchise quarterback happens only once every decade for most teams. The opportunity is so special and rare that it cannot be ignored. Let's address the counterarguments for this pick:

The Patriots have needs on offense, yes, but news dropped right before the draft that they are negotiating a trade for Brandon Aiyuk. That will go a long way in supporting the rookie signal caller. The opportunity to get a historic haul in return for pick 3 is tempting. Teams offering an abundance of picks desire the player you selected. Why should the Patriots be scared to take a player other teams were willing to give up multiple first-rounders? The track record of success for QBs on rookie contracts being dropped into offenses lacking talent is not great. Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf have an opportunity to break the mold. Give Maye a chance to sit and learn behind Jacoby Brissett, whether its for the whole year or a few games. Commit resources to building up the offense around your rookie. Create optimal conditions for that player to succeed.

Finally, the player:

Drake Maye has been treated unfairly in this pre-draft process. Sure, there are aspects of his play that are raw, but he played in a terrible offense at UNC and was able to elevate the team around him. His talent, with a little polish, could elevate him into a top 5 passer in the NFL. This is the pick the Patriots needed to make.

Pick Grade: A

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