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Selection Comment - Pick #31

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San Francisco
Ricky Pearsall



As the draft neared, the buzz grew louder that the 49ers could end up drafting a WR at pick 31. That speculation is no longer. The 49ers added former Florida Gator Ricky Pearsall to their WR room. While this will lead to wider speculation about Brando Aiyuk's future with the team, this may come down more to the fact that the value just wasn't there at OT, nor for an Arik Armstead replacement. Rather than wait until RD 2 to see which WR is still around, the Niners go and get their guy.

Pearsall is a Shanahan-style WR through and through: crisp routes, strong hands, and the ankle-breaking agility to get separation at every level of the field. Rookies tend to struggle getting on the field early in Shanahan's offense so giving Pearsall a year to acclimate to the offense before taking on a larger role may be a best-case scenario. In the meantime, he provides excellent insurance if the Niners lose their top receiver. Grade: A-

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