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Selection Comment - Pick #8

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Michael Penix Jr.



Atlanta pulled the first absolute stunner of the draft - selecting Michael Penix after sinking a massive amount of money into Kirk Cousins. Having failed to articulate a succession plan for Matt Ryan, Atlanta has decided to double down on the QB room.

Widely suspected of wanting to improve the NFL"s worst pass rush over the past decade, Atlanta instead ensured a long period of continuity in their QB play. Atlanta eschewed trading down, and eschewed addressing their defense. But, if Penix turns into, say, Jordan Love, and is a 10-year starter in Atlanta, this is a shrewd move. If he molders on the bench while Atlanta goes 7-10 again without a credible defense, then Terry Fontenot will likely be looking for work next winter. It does beggar belief that Penix - a player who is very unlikely to see much playing time - was a judicious use of their first pick.

Grade: C

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